How To Have A Good Nights Sleep

A good night sleep depends on many factors. One of these factors is your bed most especially if you suffer from constant back, muscle and joint pain. These conditions can be bothersome even at night causing you twist and turn just to find the most comfortable position for your body. Eventually, this means suffering a bad night of sleep. Further, having the wrong bed can even worsen your condition.

People who complaint on body pains should obtain a comfortable bed for themselves. Their mattresses should be something that provides sufficient body support while maintaining necessary firmness. Orthopedic cushions like memory foam beds are great choices for comfy beds.
Memory foams are made of visco-elastic materials. These materials follow the shape of the body which helps in the reduction of body pain. This type of mattress has the right firmness which allows for a more balanced- body support.

The foam of the bed doesn’t just cover it all. The material that covers the foam is also a key factor to obtain the most comfortable sleeping bed for anyone suffering from body pains or other health conditions. Finding something that can help the body maintain its temperature will be good. Some orthopedic mattresses integrates a technology that allows air circulation through the bed. With this feature, a person doesn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night because his back is soaking sweat.

Beds can be very therapeutic yet comfortable if a person knows how to choose the right one. It doesn’t have to be costly or too cheap. Remember, features such as firmness, orthopedic benefits, and heat retention are some of the most important keys in getting a comfortable mattress to sleep on. Of course, don’t forget the frame as it can add comfort and support to the body.

Permobil C500 Corpus 3G Wheelchair Review

The Permobil C500 electric wheelchair is state-of-the-art in powered wheelchair technology. It is the outcome of Permobil’s 40-year experience, and has been designed to provide advanced solutions in seating and mobility needs. The Permobil C500 is a mobile standing wheelchair, a new concept in the evolutionary process of wheelchairs. Mobile standing wheelchairs are relatively recent innovations made by just a handful of companies worldwide. They are strongly recommended by therapists as a means to avoid osteoporosis and to keep the body in an overall healthier condition. The Permobil C500 wheelchair’s innovative features blend together, to provide the user with an exceptional sitting and driving experience.

The Permobil C500 Corpus 3G is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It showcases new design features which include R-Net electronics. The Permobil electric wheelchair is adequately powered to ride through rough terrain and navigate in tight spaces. In the Permobil VS Stander seating system the user can stand upright; and also enables the user to drive from a standing position. In between sitting and standing upright, the user can choose from an infinite number of positions, which include a part or fully reclining posture.
This Permobil electric wheelchair is an electric front-wheel drive wheelchair intended for people with physical difficulties. The chassis is specially designed to tackle most challenges including climbing over obstacles and up inclines. The center of gravity is exceptionally low for enhanced stability, yet with a ground clearance enough to clear most commonly encountered impediments.

Special Powered functions

This Permobil electric wheelchair has four unique powered functions to alter the user’s position for enhanced comfort and relief.
  • Power tilt allows the seat to tilt back up to a 45⁰ inclination.
  • The seat elevator raises and lowers the seat. It can be raised up to 200 mm (8”) to match the height of tables and chairs.
  • The power leg-rest raises itself to almost horizontal position. This offers support to the lower leg and relief to the knees.
  • The backrest can recline to a horizontal position (180⁰).
Other features
  • Wheels – Front drive wheels fitted with pneumatic tires. Rear tires or steering tires are either pneumatic or solid rubber. The chassis is fitted with twin independent shock absorbers, with adjustable spring force.
  • Design – Like all Permobil electric wheelchairs the C500 has a clean design backed by proven performance.
  • Turning radius – 28” turning radius
  • Traction and Climbing – Can climb over obstacles nearly 2 1/2” high, and up an incline of 12⁰.
  • Speed – Maximum speed is 4.5 mph for model C500 and 6.25 mph for model C500s.
  • Range – 25 miles per charge
  • Motor Power – 2 x 350 watts
  • Battery capacity – 2 x 73Ah
  • Performance – Adjustable to suit user’s weight and lifestyle needs.
  • Max user weight – 300 lbs
A variety of useful optional accessories are available with this Permobil electric wheelchair.

What will the Permobil C500 cost me?

Quotations are available on request. As a guideline prices for the C500 without the seat elevator, recline or tilt start from $12,650. For a comprehensive unit incorporating these features expect to pay upward of $25,000.

Where do I buy a Permobil Wheelchair?

You can read up about Permobil M500 Corpus from the official product website. If you want to buy one, you need to find out the list of local dealers or search online in places like Craigslist or eBay for deals or prices.

Permobil M400 Corpus 3G Wheelchair Review

Permobil M400 Corpus 3G Review

The Permobil M400 Corpus 3G mid-wheel drive wheelchair is a breakthrough in mid-wheel drive powered wheelchairs. Permobil are the pioneers in the mid-wheel drive platform, having released their first model over 30 years ago. Permobil is a Swedish company with vast experience in all varieties of innovative powered wheelchairs. Some of the models are now being manufactured in the U.S.

Advantages Of Permobil M400 Corpus 3G

The mid-wheel drive Permobil wheelchair has significant advantages over conventional rear-wheel powered wheelchairs. Since it has 3 sets of wheels, including a large pair of traction wheels in the center below the seat, it is more maneuverable and can be more precisely navigated. The traction wheels in the center also enhance its stability which makes this an all-terrain wheelchair. You can take your Permobil M400 wheelchair where other wheelchairs cannot go, like on the beach and on ground that has not been hard surfaced. With its tight 20” turning circle it handles narrow hallways with ease. The mid-wheel pivot point is right at the center of the vehicle which gives a turn a more natural feel. Precision maneuverability and advanced stability makes the M400 the perfect wheelchair for bumps and small curbs. The Permobil wheelchair can justifiably be called the off-road answer to powered wheelchairs.

Disadvantages Of Permobil M400 Corpus 3G

One apprehended disadvantage of a mid-wheel drive is that its uneven weight distribution could compromise its stability when used by a larger person. The company has overcome that perceived likelihood by providing the Permobil wheelchair with a larger seat and positioning the rear wheels further back to provide enhanced stability.

Salient Features

  • Design – Like all Permobil wheelchairs the M400 has a clean design backed by proven performance.
  • Turning radius – This mid-wheel vehicle boasts an exceptional tight 20” turning radius.
  • Traction and Climbing – The drive wheels are connected to the casters to perform multiple functions. The Permobil wheelchair provides overall stability when going over obstacles and on diverse surfaces.
  • Speed and Range – Maximum speed is 10 – 12 km/hr (6 – 7.5 mph) for a range of 25 – 35 kms (16 – 22 miles)
  • Motor Power – 2 x 350 watts
  • Battery capacity – 2 x 60Ah/2x 73Ah
  • Casters – 8” diameter, flat-free drive casters featuring gel inserts which helps absorb shock.
  • Performance – Adjustable to suit user’s weight and lifestyle needs.
  • Other features – The M400’s swing arm covers are made from material which resists scratches. The covers are easy to replace if damaged by scrapes and unsightly chips. The vehicle is easy to maintain requiring no special servicing tools. Spares and other components are readily available.

Will Medicaid pay for the Permobil M400?

Yes, according to the Director of Government Affairs of the company. The Permobil wheelchair is categorized as a Group 3 mid-wheel drive chair and hence Medicaid will pay for it if deemed medically necessary.

Where do I buy a Permobil Wheelchair?

You can visit the official Permobil website and choose your country of residence where you can view the different models of Permobil wheelchairs available. You can also visit the Permobil M400 product website where you can customize the color and fabric of the wheelchair to your liking.
You can search for any local dealer of Permobil wheelchairs or find the dealers online through eBay or Craigslist.

What would I have to pay for a Permobil M400 electric wheelchair?

Prospective buyers are asked to contact a dealer for a quotation. The company does not publish a pricelist.

Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair Review

Buyer's Guide To Quickie Power Wheelchairs

The Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair is one of the outstanding rear wheel drive power wheelchairs. This model has been tested extensively and has come out as the premier example in Quickie’s history for high-quality engineering excellence. The Quickie Pulse 6 is not only comfortable, but is also an aesthetic and well designed durable wheelchair

Quickie Pulse 6 Product Description

The Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair is one of the best mobility aids for those people who have mobility problems. The Pulse 6 is not only a durable, compact power wheelchair, which helps people to be mobile, but also permits them to do most of their work by themselves. Many people with mobility problems have certainly benefited greatly from this chair.

Functions Of Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair

The Pulse 6 is a power wheel chair fitted with a power lifting cushion and custom curved to your back. It has six wheels that provide sufficient stability and two shock absorbers on either side that absorbs any shock and uneven bounce. There are twin front and rear 5 inch wheels that lend support to the chair in addition to the two 10 inch wheels that provide the mobility. The chair is digitally controlled and needs very little space to turn. Not only it is ideal for the slow mover, but it is also a treat for those who like a little speed.

Users Of Quickie Pulse 6 Electric Wheelchairs

The Quickie Pulse 6 is mainly suited for people with mobility problems. It is ideal for a person who has spine problems and poor leg-circulation.

Quickie Pulse 6 Product Description

The Quickie Pulse 6 comes in three models, which are Basic Rehab Seat or BC, Captain's Seat or CC and the Single Power Option or SC. In addition, the Quickie Pulse 6 also features a Versatile Captain's Seat which can attach to the seat pan with Velcro. In addition, it also has multiple backrest options, three different armrest styles, postural supports, towel bar mounts, vent tray mount, headrests, and a wide selection of manual and power swing-away footrests and leg rests. It also supports a power tilt option.

The nylon coated seats have 2-inch cushions with a reclining facility and adjustable armrests. It can also be removed if not required. The overall weight of the chair is 173 pounds or 78.6 kg and the maximum user weight capacity is 300 pounds or 136.4 kg. It has a seat width of 40.6 to 50.8 cm (16 to 20 inches) and a seat depth of 40.6 to 50.8 cm (16 to 20 inches). The front seat to floor height varies between 40.6 cm, 43.2 cm, and 45.7 cm (16, 17, or 18 inches).

The maximum speed is 6 mph (9.7 kph) and users can balance indoor and outdoor travel because of the Pulse’s dynamic suspension system. It also has the R-Net Electronics system that features amazing color screens, an upgraded joystick, a consumer clock and unique programming profiles. The brakes are electromagnetic and it has an automatic braking system. It has 2 x GP-24 gel batteries and the battery capacity is up to 12 miles. It also comes with an 8A off board charger. It has a 70 Amp VR-2 Drive Control and comes with a four button hand control. It has a flip-back with adjustable armrests and 14 inch waterfall arm-pads.

Quickie Pulse 6 Price Range

The Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair’s retail price at the time of product launch inclusive of all the add-ons was around $8,350. However, currently, with a discount, the price would be $6,850 per chair, which is not too pricey. It also comes with a warranty of 5 years for the frame and one-year warranty for all other parts and no warranty for wearables. One of the advantages of buying a new Pulse 6 is that you can customize the wheelchair. Either way, it is definitely a worthwhile investment.

If you wish to search further in eBay or Amazon, you are likely to get a used one for nearly less than half the price. It is also not very easy to find a used Quickie Power wheelchairs because they last long. However, the odd used Quickie wheelchairs that you may find usually cost around $2000 to $2500, or around half the original price. The odd good bargain is likely to be snapped up immediately.

Where to buy Quickie Pulse 6 Electric Wheelchair

A Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair can be available from Southwest Medical or from Sunrise Medical. It usually comes with free shipping. For all product and general inquiries, you can email; You can also contact them on their toll free number at (1-800-236-4215).

Safety Concerns

It is advised that the weight of the chair never exceeds 300 pounds at any time as it can damage the chair frame. Users are advised to follow the instruction manual while charging the battery as failure to do so could result in the remote chance of an explosion and injury. Users are also advised to not make any contact across both battery terminals, as an explosion could occur. It is also advised to get the chair checked by the service department at least once a year.

Buyer Reviews on the Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair

The Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchairs would feel like it was custom designed just for you. It comes across as a comfortable office chair which you can take it outdoors with excellent maneuverability. Advanced electronics make this one of the most popular category of power wheelchairs. Initially, the Pulse 6 may come across as any other battery operated wheelchair but after a period of usage, the users will start to see the superior performance of this product compared to others. Unfortunately, the unit cannot be folded and as a result, it cannot be carried in your car especially if you have a small car. In short, I am convinced that the Quickie Pulse 6 Power Wheelchair is among the best available in the market today that functions with reliability and offer buyers value for money.

Other Quickie Wheelchair Recommendations

Customer feedback indicate that the Pulse 6 is rated high in customer satisfaction mainly because of their durability. The consumers have also found the Quickie S-636 to be a very good product with lots of optional adjustments that can be done depending on the requirement of the user. This feature has made many consumers to recommend the S-636 wheelchair to others. In short, the product functions well on its own with no complaints on its performance.

Different Wheelchair Carrier For Cars

Wheelchairs can be cumbersome to transport, and yet they are necessary for the user’s independence and free movement. Most vehicles are not large enough to accommodate a wheelchair in the trunk, but you can transport it using a wheelchair carrier which will save you the expense of a wheelchair van. Wheelchair carriers for cars come in four designs – car roof top carrier, bumper-mounted, hitch-mounted or pull-behind.

Car Roof Top Carrier

Car roof top carriers are designed to carry folding, manual wheelchairs which mount on the roof instead of a luggage rack. The wheelchair needs to be folded so that it offers less wind resistance. If it is a simple manually-powered wheelchair, it can be lifted up. But if the wheelchair is heavy you will need an automated wheelchair carrier which is powered off the car’s battery. The wheelchair will need to be covered to protect it from the weather elements.

Bumper-Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

This type of carrier is mounted on the back of the car. It is easy to fit on and remove. It picks up a wheelchair or portable mobility scooter and stores it on a small rack, or a large platform for power chairs or electric wheelchairs. The bumper-mounted wheelchair can generally hold a wheelchair of up to 100 pounds.

The easiest way to carry a folding manual wheelchair is on a small bumper-mounted rack specially designed for this purpose. This model holds the wheelchair flat to the back of the vehicle. Other parts and accessories like a canopy or a special attachment to hold an oxygen bottle might have to be removed and accommodated inside the car.

Hitch-Mounted Wheelchair Carrier

This type of carrier, which hooks on to the trailer hitch of a car, comes in two models is designed to transport electric and power wheelchairs. The manual carrier has one side that folds down and doubles up as a ramp which enables you to push the wheelchair up onto the platform. The automated model has a lift mechanism which lowers the carrier to the ground so that the wheelchair can be loaded easily. Once it is properly accommodated, the carrier lifts up and locks in place.

Pull-Behind Wheelchair Carrier

You also have pull-behind models designed to carry electric power chairs. These are small trailers on wheels which hook to the trailer hitch just like the platform of a hitch-mounted carrier. You can also get pull-behind models which are completely enclosed as a protection against the weather or when the vehicle is parked.

Consult a Professional

If you are planning to buy a wheelchair carrier it might be a good idea to talk to a professional. Carriers are available in different sizes so you need to know what’s right for your vehicle. Some carriers are not suitable for smaller cars, so a professional will tell you what the correct match for your car is.

Where can I buy a wheelchair carrier and what will it cost?

A good place to start would be at a wheelchair retailer in your city. You’ll be able to see the various models on display and have all your questions answered. Or you could shop online at which has a huge range of carriers on offer. Prices start from $240 onward.

Below is a video of a bumper mounted folding wheelchair carrier.