Used Quickie Power Wheelchairs

Quickie Power Wheelchairs

New Quickie Power electric wheelchairs usually are costly and the manufacturer or dealers can sell them them between $3000 to as much as $6000. Quickie electric wheelchair is considered one of the best brand of wheelchair in the industry. They are reliable as well as durable and can be used across different surface, soft or rough. Interested buyers usually can find their local dealers if they wish to buy new quickie power wheelchairs. An advantage of buying new quickie wheelchairs is that you can customize the wheelchair based on your needs. Configurations for the Quickie wheelchairs include color, frame color, batteries, cushion, seat width, seat depth, seat to floor height, back height, Hanger, extension tube, foot plate, footrest accessories, joystick mount and its location. Other accessories include Tuffak tray table, utility backpack and aircraft buckle. Considering that buyers are spending so much to buy quickie power wheelchairs, they have the rights to custom the wheelchair to their liking.

Used Quickie Power Wheelchairs

It is not easy to find used Quickie Power wheelchairs in the market simply because quickie wheelchairs are robust and usually last for quite long. Used Quickie wheelchairs usually cost around $1500-$2500, or around half price of its original price. Sometimes, there are good bargains available and it will be snapped up immediately.

It is actually a good wheelchair to own and is also value for money. However, you can check the local papers where there are people listing used electric wheelchairs for sale. We can find many brands of second hand electric wheelchairs for sale. In fact, there are at least 6 models of used Quickie Power wheelchairs available in the market: Quickie Pulse 6, Quickie S636 Power wheelchair, Quickie V121 Electric wheelchairs, Quickie S646 Power wheelchairs, Quickie V521 Electric wheelchair, Quickie P222 SE and Quickie S525 Electric wheelchair. Though some of these models are discontinued by the manufacturer, we still send them in our online store. Each of these models have their own distinctive features depending on the user's needs. Some of these used quickie wheelchairs are made for easy transportation and have light frames. A few have easy access to the controller and battery component. The latest models of used quickie wheelchairs have charger jack and programming ports located near the controller. All our used quickie electric wheelchairs are fitted with new batteries and controllers as these are usually the most worn out parts of the wheelchairs when we purchase them from owners. The original quickie wheelchair frames are quite sturdy. We gave the wheelchairs a new coat of paint that protects against rusting. The used quickie wheelchairs we have are as good as new.
Used quickie wheelchair accessories: Besides selling used electric quickie wheelchairs, we also sell many accessories and parts for electric wheelchairs. Accessories such as Airless inserts, bearings, castor wheels, upholstery/armrests, footrest/legrest/foam filled tires, wheelchair tubes, wheelchair tires, batteries and wheels/handrims.

Advice on buying Used Quickie Power electric wheelchairs

When buying used quickie power electric wheelchairs, it is important to take note of several things. As the original users would have custom the electric wheelchairs according to their needs, not all quickie wheelchair used for sale actually fits you. However, you can pay additional to modify the electric wheelchair for your own use if you were to purchase an old one.
Secondly, remember to check the battery of the quickie wheelchair. We advise you to change to new batteries when you purchase used wheelchairs. Old batteries may leak and pose a danger in the future.