Quickie P222 Power Wheelchair Review

Improving on perfection: The new Quickie P222 SE

The successor to one of the highest selling ever and best rated electric wheelchairs, the Quickie P200, the brand new Quickie P222 SE power wheelchair is the latest from Sun Power Medical. The new P222 SE improves on the previous model in a number of ways while keeping all the features that made it one of the most popular wheelchairs on the market. This includes the aggressive price point of just under 5500 USD which even includes free shipping.

Quickie P222 SE Parts: Wheels

The P222 SE has the same six wheeled layout with two pairs of castor wheels fore and aft of the main driven wheels but now it features a brushless DC motor that not only gives it more power and torque but makes it even more silent than ever before. The combination of the powerful motor and the six wheeled layout means that the P222 SE is great indoors as well as outdoors. Not only is it speedy, it can turn around in a 26” radius and it also soaks up bumps and even climb kerbs of up to 4 inches. The driven wheels are even available in a 4” wide version with knobbly treaded tires if you plan to spend more time outdoors than within a building.

Quickie P222 SE Accessories

With a standard load bearing capacity of up to 350 lbs the Quickie is more than enough wheelchair for most people. Available for the new model are a whole range of Quickie P222 accessories as well as optional extras like suspension forks, foldable backrests, three different types of joysticks and a host of wheel and tyre size choices. When buying Quickie P222 electric wheelchairs you can customise the wheelchair height, the seat back angle, width and depth and the footrest angle as well.

Quickie P222 SE Reviews

Quickie P222 Power wheelchairs have already been getting rave reviews from thousands of satisfied customers who have nothing but good things to say about the P222 SE.

The speed of the Quickie Power Wheelchair is loved by almost everyone who uses it, especially for people who like to go for long walks or spend a lot of time outdoors. Others love the height of the wheelchair and most people are very impressed by the strength as well as the build quality of the P222 SE. Users also like the thoughtful neutral gear feature that completely disengages the wheels from the drive train and hence ensures that there is no drag when trying to push the wheelchair manually.

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