Used Invacare Electric Wheelchairs

Invacare products for sale

Invacare is one of the top brands in the healthcare industry as it has a wide product range that includes beds and furnishings, electric and manual wheelchairs, respiratory therapy and tools for patient care at home or hospitals. With its expertise in caring for patients and disabled people, they have some of the most sought after equipments to assist you in looking after your patients.

Used Invacare Electric Wheelchairs

We offer the best deals you can find for Used Invacare electric wheelchairs at our online store or appointed local dealers. Invacare electric wheelchairs offers the broadest range of driving options such as front, rear and center. It is one of the most flexible electric wheelchairs to control in the industry and this is offered at a bargain basement price for all users who do not mind second hand electric wheelchairs. We take good care of electric wheelchairs from sellers and refurbish them as well as replacing worn out electric wheelchair parts before selling them as used invacare power wheelchairs at a very good price. You can sign up to receive discount vouchers and notifications of any sale or promotions we might have with our partners. Our used electric wheelchairs can sell for almost half or less than the price of new electric wheelchairs.

Models of Used Invacare Electric Wheelchair

We sell a wide range of Invacare electric wheelchairs models. The FDX Front Drive Power Wheelchair is one of the most popular as it has a powerful motor that gives the electric wheelchair users acceleration and stronger mobility. You can move up a slope easily with our invacare power wheelchairs. We also offer the At'm series (ATM1816B/R), P9000 XDT series (P9000XDT1816/1818), Storm series, Pediatric, TDX series, Nutron(R51LXP ) and the popular Pronto series.

Used Invacare wheelchair parts and accessories

Besides selling used electric wheelchairs, we also sell the electric wheelchair accessories and parts at a cheap and affordable price for all. We aim to retain the original functionality of all the electric wheelchairs we sell. Different Invacare Wheelchair Parts and accessories such as baskets and holders for oxygen tanks that can be placed behind the seat. You can find old and new Parts for Invacare electric wheelchairs with us. Be assured that the used wheelchairs we sell all come with brand new wheelchair parts. We take our customer and your needs seriously.