Electric wheelchair Extreme Sports

Used electric wheelchairs can be used for sports too! Electric wheelchair sport was designed for people who depends on used electric wheelchair for mobility. There are individual as well as team sports, from tennis to even rugby, hockey and soccer.

Things have definitely changed over the years. Technology advancement in the disabled sports arena from titanium and magnesium-framed wheelchairs customized for the individual user to prosthetic limbs with microchips in them to learn a person’s movements. We have had people breaking all the barriers that were set before us by all sorts of people disabled and able-bodied alike. All electric wheelchair users should enjoy extreme wheelchair sports.

One of the most interesting sports for people in used electric wheelchairs is Electric wheelchair soccer. This is played with a large balloon with both sides aiming to score as many goals as possible. The intensity of the game is made even faster by the power and make of the used electric wheelchairs. Electric wheelchair soccer is not any less intense than normal soccer and require as much energy and technique.

Next will be electric wheelchair hockey which follows same rules as normal hockey. The hockey sticks are attached to the used electric wheelchairs. However, the goal is smaller compared to Electric Wheelchair soccer.

Extreme wheelchair sports also also enjoy the same respect and status as able bodied sports, with the skills and professionalism not any less. For people with temporary disability, used electric wheelchairs can help them to enjoy these extreme sports. These athletes have served as role models of achievement and inspired others to take on challenges they otherwise would not have considered. Power wheelchair racing and snow skiing with electric wheelchairs are examples of extreme sports for different conditions.

For used electric wheelchair skiing, the athlete adopts adaptive ski techniques such as 2 or 4 track skiing,3-track, mono-skiing and bi-skiing. Ski resorts and organizations in winter areas provide more information about this sport with coaching and even competitions.

Next is the most thrilling water skiing which poses the most challenge to people on wheelchairs. This require alot of strength and dexterity to maintain a certain posture. Athletes will love the speed and excitement for sure. Conquerors of such sports despite their disability usually have immense confidence and can live like any other able-bodied beings.
Other extreme sports using used electric wheelchairs are skateboarding, surfing, snowboarding, jousting and jumping. Buy a cheap used electric wheelchairs can help you to enjoy the exhiliration of these sports and boost your confidence.

To be well-equipped for used electric wheelchair sports, one must have a used electric wheelchair, preferably fitted with foot guard to prevent injuries. The speed should be approximately 10km/h. Inflated soccer balls should be 650 to 675mm and hockey sticks should be of light weighted materials.