Electric Wheelchair history

Electric Wheelchair is a mobility device to assist handicapped users in moving around. It is propelled by a motor and can be controlled by your fingers. People who suffer from physical or psychological injury will need to use a wheelchair. However, if their injury in temporary, it makes no point to buy a new electric wheelchair. Instead, I would recommend to buy used electric wheelchairs which serve the purpose equally well at a cheaper price. Wheelchair originated in the 6th century and was discovered being drawn on a stone slate in China.It is the Europeans that further developed the wheelchair for friendlier use. It was a german mechanical engineer which
created the first lightweight wheelchair made of steel. In fact, it was friendship that led to this revolutionary creation as he did it for the sake of his friend who injured his back in a mining accident. This, as we know know, is the Ernest and Jenning's international.
Wheelchair started off as manually propelled with larger wheels at the back. It ranges from 20 to 26 inches in diameter and can be be mistaken for bicycle wheels. User moves by pushing the large wheels forward causing the wheels to rotate.

Used electric wheelchairs was invented in world war two to help heroes who suffered permanent injuries in the cruel war. Electric powered wheelchairs are manufactured in 4 kinds: rear, front driven and 2 or 4 wheel driven. They are even differentiated by their seat types, from the simple manual to the sleek looking captain chair. For indoor use, the wheels are usually smooth and motors can be simple. For outdoor use, the wheels are made of tougher rubber and used electric wheelchairs have more powerful motors. The power required to run an indoor used electric wheelchair is about 3-4amp and for outdoor electric powered wheelchair is 5-6amps.
The batteries are rechargeable in both cases. They are available in both wet and dry conditions, but dry cells are popular because they can conveniently recharged from the wall point.